Please No More Blind Dates

Few people feel comfortable being fixed up with a blind date, and the horror stories they have heard convince them it is best to avoid them if possible. There are ways to remain single without the concern that friends and family will engage in this activity, but it does take a bit of work. For those who are interested in a life free of this possibility, finding a permanent partner who does not seek a commitment is often the answer. That person must be willing to be considered a significant other, so finding just the right person for the role is important.

More Than a Friend

Many people have good friends who are suitable for bringing to family occasions, and they may even be a wonderful companion when gathering with a circle of friends. If they are willing to play the role of a date, they are much more than a friend. In short, they are someone who is generous enough to help their friend avoid romantic entanglements that can be awkward. A person who does this is someone that will go the extra length for friendship, and they should be cherished for their kindness and generosity.

When the Gig Is Up

Attending family and friend events with the same person is a good way to avoid blind dates, but loved ones will eventually realize what is occurring. They may like the person who is a constant companion, but they can become frustrated with a couple when their relationship seems to be going nowhere. After a year or so, they might be tempted to fix up their loved one with a blind date. When family or friends begin doing this, the gig is up. Moving on to a new companion is often the only way to convince them that matchmaking is not necessary. Finding a new partner with the same generous spirit might be difficult, but it can be done.

No Friends Available

There are times when even the kindest friend has other commitments, so coming up with a new date at the last minute can be an issue. Rather than worry without cause, simply contact VIP to find the perfect date who will never be interested in a permanent relationship. These professionals are available for appointments, so they can be booked in advance. If one is particular fancied by family and friends, a regular schedule of dates might be the best way to continue avoiding the dreaded blind date syndrome provided by loved ones.  There are friendly Nottingham dates available from VIP.

Finding just the right partner for a lifetime is often difficult, but going on blind dates is not the answer for every single person. If the family’s collection of horror stories is bad enough, it might be best to find a permanent date until the right person comes along. When a friend is willing to play the role, appreciating their sacrifice is important, and knowing they may not always be available makes being prepared to find a last minute substitute a reality. Knowing who to contact for that perfect date is just a few clicks away on any computer.