Growing True Love in the Garden

When young couples purchase their first home together, they often start with an older house that needs some work. Much of the time, they find the garden needs a great deal of their attention. They work hard to pull out the weeds, they cut back the overgrowing shrubs, and they choose the flowers they will plant. Their investment of time and energy will yield a beautiful place where they can relax after a long day, and it can also be a place where they continually rediscover and nurture their love for each other.

Losing the romance

Many couples find that modern life leaves them little time to share special moments together, but meeting in their own garden can be a time and place where they rediscover their love. it might not always be ideal, but being able to see each other as they were when they first began their lives as a couple can help rekindle the romance. Losing the romance is easy, so enjoying time together in a beautiful place is just one way to recapture those feelings without too much of a burden. If they have planted the right seeds for their love, they will find them flourishing in this special place they built with each other.

Raising a family

Having children is often part of a long term relationship, and couples who have found their forever home will often take their children with them to enjoy their garden. As they grow, they will learn about the plants and animals that inhabit the area. They will also have a chance to see the special feelings the garden has given to their parents, and they will be able to share the romance that started their family. For the parents, it is a way to share the continuity of their love for each other with the next generation, and they can also discover their feelings for each other again. Raising a family with a garden is a fertile place for love, and it can continue to be as long as the feelings remain.

A time for frost

Young couples age as they go through life together, and the first touches of frost are not always seen in their garden. As their hair begins to show the frost of white or silver, they may find their garden a place where they can look back on the good times in their lives. Sharing memories as the hectic pace of life slows is just one way their garden can be an area where their love still flourishes, and it will give them comfort as they see all the changes their decisions have brought. It will help them relearn about their own love as they see their children and grandchildren begin their own future paths of love and family.

There are many reasons to plant a garden, and it can be a place that is cherished throughout a lifetime. While many couples see it as a place to relax, it can also be a fertile ground where their love will always come back to them as they nurture the plants and live their lives.